About Hanya


The name, Hanya, is derived from its Indonesian term, meaning ‘only’. Hanya's concept stands true to its meaning, with apparels made exclusively. With its roots in Bali, Hanya’s simple and humble approach reflects well in its apparel inspired by the rich culture of the island nation. Focusing on versatility of its products, the line manufactures swimwears both for style and leisure. Its influence revolves around urban lifestyles, effortless with romantic aura, and timeless.

Hanya’s signature colours consist of black, white, and nude. The apparels are made for your comfort and feels as if you are wearing nothing. The founders have carefully thrived to design collections that are unique, while maintaining their quality and artistic appeal. They ensure that their customers, manufacturers, and even employees remain satisfied.

In order to adhere to its sustainable standards set all around, the swimwear is designed from the rib fibre and recycled Italian Nylon. The latter is eco-friendly while remaining heavily resistant to suntan creams, oils, and chlorine. The swimwear collection is complemented with the Organic, Bamboo, Viscose and Linen based apparels and produced in a sustainable manner. Further, it uses FSC certified paper hang tags, 100% compostable garment bags, and zero waste shopping bag to leave behind nominal environmental footprint.

At Hanya, the artisans take care of every minute detail with a simple objective of delivering minimalistic swimwear which is humble yet sexy in its appeal.



The foundation of Hanya was laid down by Ricca and Zivana who coincidentally stumbled upon each other in Bali, and soon their friendship bloomed. Meetings over coffee took place, and the idea of a fashion line took hold. The project began small, but quickly flourished to become a benchmark in swimwear market.

With a wide breadth of experience of over 10 years, Ricca puts quality before anything. A couple of years ago in 2016, Ricca felt the need to create a minimalist fashion line. However, the idea could only properly take form when she met Zivana, a fashion enthusiast, who nurtured Ricca’s concept. Zivana’s love for shopping has been her forte, and she can easily understand customer’s wishes and perception. With this, she handles the line’s designing and marketing, while Ricca has taken the branding and production part, her skills, under her department.

Echoing the beliefs of Hanya’s owners, the company strives to produce apparels in a sustainable manner with an effort to rejoice in the beauty of womanhood while taking care of our mother earth.