The name, Hanya, is derived from its Indonesian word meaning ‘only’. Hanya's concept stands true to its meaning with our minimalistic, timeless apparel made thoughtfully and with great care. With our roots in Bali, Hanya’s simple and humble approach is reflected in our apparel inspired by the rich culture of the island. Focusing on the versatility of our products, we manufacture swimwear both for style and leisure. Our influence revolves around urban lifestyles effortless with romantic aura and timelessness.

Hanya’s signature colours consist of black, white, and nude. Our apparel is made for your comfort and is designed to feel as if you are wearing nothing at all. The founders have carefully designed collections that are unique, while maintaining their quality craftsmanship and artistic appeal. They ensure that their customers, manufacturers and even employees remain satisfied.

We’re not big on trends. We don’t do fast fashion. Our goal is for you to love and wear your Hanya for as long as it is possible.



We value each and every artisan that has helped us make our beautiful things. They are a very important part of who we are and what we do.

The fashion industry is notorious for poor working conditions and exploitation of the workers. Working closely with our partner manufacturer, Sew Happy Bali, we make sure that production quality and social welfare are held to the highest standard. This includes fair wages, reasonable hours and a healthy, humane work environment. Sew Happy Bali is certified by Qualspec Australia and is regularly audited to ensure that the quality, social and ethical expectations are constantly met.

We also strive to help improve the lives of people who work in our factory through our social responsibility initiative, Project 3%.



All of our garments are made right here in Bali and each piece is crafted with materials and processes that use the least amount of natural resources possible.

Our swimwear is made from rib fibre and recycled Italian Nylon. Recycled Italian Nylon is made from nylon waste from landfills and oceans around the world. The end result is a fabric that is exactly the same as a brand new nylon, and it can still be recycled and remoulded again and again. It truly is fabric that embodies no waste and no new resources while remaining high performing, breathable, comfortable and heavily resistant to suntan creams, oils, and chlorine.

Our swimwear collection is complemented by the organic cotton, tencel, viscose and linen based apparel that is produced in a sustainable manner. We use environmentally friendly plant based dye for our Manda intimates collection. Furthermore, we use FSC certified paper hangtags, 100% compostable garment bags and zero waste shopping bags in order to leave behind a minimal environmental footprint.

At Hanya, we aim to create garments that make you feel good inside and outside.



We want to do right by the people we work with, and do what we can for the planet.

Hanya pledges 3% of our sales to contribute to social/community initiatives and causes we feel passionate about. We call this our Project 3%.

  • Looking Out for Each Other

We give back directly to our employees, in effort to help improve their quality of lives. We distribute cash bonuses, as well as basic food and daily essentials on a regular basis.

  • The Future Generation

Collaborating with Trihita Alam School and Pansophia Nusantara Foundation to improve schooling facilities in impoverished regions of Bali. We are proud to supply school uniforms for Trihita Alam’s sister school in underprivileged area of Karangasem, in East Bali.

  • Knowledge is Power

We believe that if each and every person understands the impact of our daily actions and how it can be detrimental to the planet, we can move faster towards a sustainable community and cultivate a more eco-friendly lifestyle. We support ecoBali in their mission to educate school kids and local Balinese communities about the importance of healthy ecosystem and responsible waste management in effort to change behaviour sustainably.


The foundation of Hanya was laid down by Ricca and Zivana who coincidentally stumbled upon each other in Bali, and soon their friendship bloomed. Meetings over coffee took place, and the idea of a fashion line took hold. The project began small, but quickly flourished to become a benchmark in the swimwear market.

With a wide breadth of experience of over 10 years, Ricca puts quality before anything. In 2016, Ricca felt the need to create a minimalist fashion line, however the idea could only properly take form when she met Zivana, a fashion enthusiast who nurtured Ricca’s concept. Zivana’s love for shopping has been her forte, and has provided her with the ability to easily understand customers’ wishes and perception. With this, she handles the line’s designing and marketing, while Ricca uses her skills of branding and production.

Echoing the beliefs of Hanya’s owners, the company strives to produce apparel in a sustainable manner with an effort to rejoice in the beauty of womanhood while taking care of our mother earth.