Make Every Day Earth Day

Make Every Day Earth Day

Let's Talk About Earth

Every April 22nd, stakeholders of all backgrounds come together to advance sustainability and climate action in commemoration of Earth Day.

As an individual, we yield real power for change through your influence as a consumer, a voter, and a community member.

This year’s theme for Earth Day is “Invest In Our Planet”, which highlights the importance of dedicating our time, resources, and energy to solving climate change and other environmental issues. Investing in our planet is necessary to protect it and the best way to pave a path towards a prosperous future.


So how can we, as a normal person invest in our planet?

Every little action count! These are a few examples of everyday actions you can actually do.

  1. Educate Yourself

Learn about the detrimental impacts of fast fashion, the importance of sustainability and commit to responsible consumption.

  1. Reduce Plastic Consumption

Plastic pollution is one of the most important environmental problems that we face today. We have all contribute to this problem – mostly unknowingly. So start paying attention to the every day stuff that we use, and begin to phase out plastic/single use items.

  1. Leave The Car at Home

Find transportation alternatives that help reduce your carbon footprint. Take your bike, walk, car pool or use public transport whenever possible.

  1. Change Your Lightbulbs

Light-emitting diodes (LED) are super energy efficient and last 10 times longer than the normal light bulbs. It is more expensive, but they will last for about 25,000 hours in comparison to traditional bulbs (which typically last for 1,000 hours)

  1. Go Paperless

Ask for you bills or bank statements to be sent electronically. Opt to take notes on your phone instead of a book. Switch from physical books to e-books. Try to think of all the things you can switch to paperless. Decreasing the demand for paper will hopefully decrease the rate of deforestation.


United together, we’ll drive a year of energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to a sustainable and equitable future for our planet.

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